Full screen dialer

Full screen dialer 0.21

Dial phone numbers more easily


  • Large, finger-friendly buttons
  • Skinable interface


  • Doesn't include buttons for special call functions


I find the Windows Mobile touchscreen dialer just about adequate for my finger size, but if I were to eat a couple more hamburgers a week I'm sure I would struggle to hit the right keys.

Full screen dialer is designed to make it much easier to tap in phone numbers on your Pocket PC thanks to its large button design. After installing it you'll certainly notice the difference between this and the default WM dialer.

Although the colors used and the overall shape of the interface is similar, the keys are a great deal larger, so even those with chubbier fingers won't have a problem hitting the right ones.

What's more, this interface is skinnable and there are a number of cool designs you can apply to transform the look of your keypad. Unfortunately, Full screen dialer doesn't include any special key functions such as speed dial or redial.

In fact, you only get the numeric keys and the call start and end buttons.

The program is lightweight and simple to install, making it a hassle-free alternative to the built-in Pocket PC number pad.

Full screen dialer (FSD) is a large button dialer for easy finger dialing. FSD is a more finger-friendly dial pad than the WM default one and is completely skinable.

Full screen dialer


Full screen dialer 0.21

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